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Comprehensive and accurate financial reporting is essential to all businesses. Our team of Chartered Accountants and Professional Accountants help you submit all statutory required accounting statements, understand your financial records and provide you with an understanding to make those key decisions which ultimately enable your business to prosper. We also offer monthly financial reports, including budget and variance analysis, as well as monthly management accounts. At AEC, we understand that each business is different, and will tailor-make financial solutions to cater to your individuality.

The burden of computing and submitting your tax returns can weigh heavily on your shoulders. Why not pass this onto our tax experts, as we understand the complexities of compliance.

We are registered tax practitioners with the South African Revenue Services [SARS] and offer the following services:
- Company / Close Corporation / Trust tax return completions
- VAT return completion and submission
- PAYE return completion and submission
- SARS mediation and tax audit assurance services
- Individual tax return completion and submission
- Tax structuring and planning
- Tax clearance certificates

We specialize in key audit functions, including Asset Verifications, Forensic Audits and limited assurance engagement such as turnover certificates for rental purposes, as well as Special Purpose Audits. These functions enable the entity to resolve specific management queries and identify key problem areas within organizations.

Our joint network Company, AEC Incorporated performs all audit functions and reports. With extensive audit experience in both the public and private sectors, they are also experienced in the audits of Cooperatives and Non-Profit Organisations.

Their audit services include regulatory or voluntary audits and forensic auditing. As part of the audit process they provide a detailed report to management at the end of the audit outlining and explaining any weakness in internal controls identified during the audit and recommendations on how to attend to them, resulting in a more secure and efficient operation thereafter.

An audit is usually more expensive than an independent review. When permitted by the Companies Act, entities often opt to have an independent review instead of an audit due to the cost saving. However larger entities should exercise caution as often an audit is the only external assurance owners have that their business is being run properly.

Small and Medium businesses do not usually require a fully-fledged accounting, human resources and payroll division due to the immense cost. This leaves the business owners having to do this themselves, taking up valuable time which will end up costing the company financially in the long term.

At AEC we offer a fully outsourced Payroll function, making it both a cost and time effective option. From PAYE deductions to calculating the complex computations of travel allowances and fringe benefits, we utilise professional payroll software ensuring that your employees are provided with an accurate payslip at the end of each month, whether you have 5 or 500 staff.

We also provide labour related services such as drafting employment contracts which are compliant with Labour legislation, registration of company employees with the UIF and filing statutory returns with the Department of Labour.

Internal Control Reviews
Strong internal controls form the backbone of smooth and efficient financial operations within any business. Our management team have the expertise to optimize and strengthen your internal controls increasing the efficiency of your business whilst reducing the opportunity for fraudulent activities.

IFRS Compliance
In line with the introduction of IFRS and the amendments to SA GAAP, we specialize in the review of financial statements for compliance with the disclosure requirements. We also offer consultation on the implementation of IFRS and SA GAAP.

Sarbanes Oxley Compliance
A very important feature of the changing governance structures in the accounting environment will include the implementation of Sarbanes Oxley internal control guidance for larger organizations. We have the necessary skills and expertise to advise on Sarbanes Oxley compliance.

BEE Compliance
BEE, or more accurately B-BBEE refers to Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment. It is a policy of SA government that encourages companies to help transform the country. BEE is about broad-based activities that benefit the majority of South African people. We consult and certify companies needing assistance with BEE assessment and certification.

Consulting to Government Departments and Municipalities
Audits of municipalities and departments usually bring up large management report queries and issues that need to be timeously addressed. In order for them to be cleared and for the more efficient running of the government organizations, we provide a detailed service which includes consultation to municipalities /departments with regard to clearing these management letter points. We also offer specific consultations such as Risk and Management planning, Asset verifications, Asset Management etc.

Business Valuations / Mergers & Acquisitions
Our team of business management experts will ensure that all takeovers, entity purchases and medium sized mergers are undertaken with adequate support. We conduct full valuations of business activities and net worth assessments of all parties, as well as due diligence audits to help you make decisions more accurately and reduce risk.

Statutory Services
We provide the following services:
- Registrations of Companies, Trusts as well as amendments to current close corporations
- Appointment of Auditors and Accounting Officers
- Appointment of New directors, members and trustees
- Transfer of shares within companies, together with all resolutions


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